Gianni Chiarini’s never-ending objective has always been the creation of beautiful objects, through a path of passion and research, where style and quality become the essential elements, the manifesto of a creation that looks at tradition with a modern vision.

The 2014-2015 winter collection presents well defined, sensual and sophisticated shapes for a "dark" side where the bag becomes the leading character and expresses the strong personality of its seductive power.

Surfaces and materials that overlap such as pony skin and leather, or scaled crushed leather are the pillars of elegance with a dark side.

Gianni Chiarini’s collection also defines his signature style with determination in the sparkling area, which is poised to once again become an undisputed must-have of next season’s trend. Brilliant calfskin, kid and suede, scotch grain on metallised surfaces, take off in order to add a sparkling touch to everyday life.