The Artificial Intelligence, combined with the pop art, gives to the products a funny and ironic character.
It’s a new look, which is clean, sparkling and unexpected in some way.
This is a fresh breath, where digital media can inspire the textures: a continuous geometric repetition; optical and graphic patterns; fluid and bold stripes; holograms.
An electrifying mixture of this intangible art, which is brought in our concrete world, adding another dimension, something that people can touch and perceive.
It’s notable the nostalgia of the 80s era, highlighted even in the color palette.
Our colors: sunrise, melon, horizon, fiamma, silver. They are solid, electric, vibrant and balanced, but also opposing each other.
You can consistently find a silver detail, which underlines vigorous and bright tones. Last but not least, the creations are characterized by elements stolen from the hi-tech universe.
The style of the line always follows the contemporary pop, with shining and glamorous products, alternating metallic and mirrored elements, stylized stars, linear and polished geometries.

The inspiration for the new line “Travel Translation” was born from the exotic, and at times wild, beauty.
Here the contemporary lady is passionate about traveling, where she has the possibility to meet and explore the environment and local cultures.
From that comes out a unique product, which is “affected and contaminated” in a positive way, by ethnic tradition absorbed during the several adventures into the native populations.
We start from a particular infusion of different styles, including some conflicting features, but combined all together they create a special synergy. This ethno-pop and glamorous injection rushes to a new and fresh direction, for a contemporary renewal of tribal and unconventional aesthetic.
The colors are the ones typical of exotic landscapes, with warm and luminous tones: mademoiselle, turchese, jungle, duck, cuoio, gold.
Sometimes the shapes are compact, occasionally soft, smooth or suede, intermittently with long and sparkling fringes.
The styles’ alternation and trends’ mix enrich the general look of the products, which range over, from gentle placing characterized by floral flavors, to folk patterns with solar colors, to
abstract and unusual moods.