Design and Style

Practicality, clean lines and quality made ​​in Italy

“Freedom of expression ’” means freedom to choose their own rules and do not follow those imposed by the fashion system. This is the essence of ’ Gianni Chiarini, a brand that has made “simplicity made in Italy” his trademark. Simplicity that results in practical bags, versatile, unique design combined with a careful and constant research of pure forms.

The choice of materials and design of products are the result of careful research in line with the creative landscape that surrounds us. That’s how Gianni Chiarini managed to turn materials other merchandise in a new and fashionable accessory.

Gianni Chiarini scholarship can be defined as “a timeless accessory” suitable for a woman, But even a man of any age. Gianni Chiarini is a bag that you notice but without arrogance, Indeed, Let the wearer to be the real protagonist.

From headquarters in Florence, the company promotes and enhances, through a constant commitment, its presence in international markets. From Europe to Asia Gianni Chiarini brand is synonymous with practicality, essential lines and quality made in Italy.